We offer three main options for overnight support:

  • A sleeping Night for the carer
  • A Waking Night for the carer
  • Night Time respite cover

Sleeping Night Care

This means the Care Worker sleeps in the property, is available during the course night for emergencies. This allows the Care Worker to get enough rest to continue to provide care the following day. If you find you are waking frequently during the course of the night, your Care Worker is still there to help you. However, if it becomes a regular, we will need to talk about making adjustments to better suit your needs.

Having this support from one of our Sleeping night care team means you have the reassurance that if you need any emergency support during the course of the night it is available.

Waking Night Carer 

This means the  Care Worker is awake throughout the night to undertake any care needs you may have. 

Having this support from One of our Night care team means, care can be delivered at regular intervals throughout the night, with the Care Worker undertaking those tasks and utilising the other time to complete any other duties required (Household Chores)

Having this continuous support from one of our night-time carers can make a world of difference to you and your family.

Night Time respite cover

We can arrange for a trained carer to keep you or your loved one company so the regular care provider can take a break (quite often this is a loved one)