Care Costs

The care we provide is personalised to your needs and so there is no standard cost. 

To ensure we create a personalised care plan for you, we will need to visit you and your family at home to complete an initial assessment. The visit allows us time to work with you and your family to go into more detail and to really understand the care and support needs.

Our initial assessment visit will normally last 30 minutes, for more complex needs this can be extended to allow us time to fully understand all the care requirements.

Many of our clients choose to pay for their care privately but we also recommend that you contact your Local authority to see if you are eligible for funding. We are not able to provide advice on funding and finances but we can help provide you with points of contact in the local area. 

We understand that choosing how to pay for your care or for the care of a loved one can be difficult we will therefore provide a clear pricing structure.